The Leading Designer of Innovative Glass Dry Erase Boards and Architectural Systems.


The product lineup from Clarus Glassboards is revolutionizing how we communicate with visual display systems. As the leading manufacturer of innovative glass dry-erase systems, Clarus continually develops stylish yet functional office collaborative products. Yesterday's presentation will no longer be today's distraction.


Float + Depth

The modern version of the traditional whiteboard – minimalist, wall-mounted writing surfaces for the everyday brainstorming space.

Float + Depth Brochure (PDF)


go! Mobile

A glassboard on wheels – so you can bring collaboration with you wherever you go. This mobile writing surface adds a new level of visual communication to any conversation. Three sizes + acoustic.

go! Mobile Brochure (PDF)



The first-ever, high definition glass projection surface – and it doubles as a writing surface. Bring your presentations to life on this beautifully versatile projection screen.

View Brochure (PDF)



The first of its kind, Glide is a fully integrated glassboard system, designed to allow sliding glass panels to smoothly move across the face of wall-mounted glassboards.

Glide Brochure (PDF)



The Clarus design team engineered Adapt to be the most minimal, turnkey solution for creating motivational work environments with stunning writable surfaces. Whether you’re looking for a simple office upgrade of building out your workplace from the ground up – Adapt adds a new level of functionality, color, and texture to any space.



Why limit a glassboard to one side? Re-think the way work spaces use writable surfaces with Flip by Clarus. Flip allows both sides of a Clarus board to be utilized – add a glassboard to both sides of Flip to double the writing surface, or place premium acoustic panels on the backside of your glassboard for impressive sound absorption.

Flip Brochure (PDF)



Wrap an office from floor to ceiling in beautiful Clarus glass and create the perfect brainstorming space. Wall2Wall allows you to selectively integrate writable surface into your space and turn your walls into the perfect creativity canvas.

Wall2Wall Brochure (PDF)


Colors by Clarus

With 150+ standard colors that were perfectly curated to be the most vibrant hues on glass, plus proprietary color-matching technology, Clarus can create your glassboard in any color imaginable. Our proprietary glass coating technology and paint formulas allow our team to custom match any color.

Colors by Clarus Brochure (PDF)



Clarus offers a carefully curated collection of markers and erasers for our glassboard users. From neon to primary erasable markers, to versatile magnets, premium erasers, and designer quality marker trays – we’ve got all the accessories for your glassboard.

Accessories Brochure (PDF)